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Excavation machine at work

From Diesel Technician, to Business Owner

We have our roots in Diesel Tech. For 15 years our founder, Bill, worked on diagnosing and repairing semi-trucks and the machines he works with every day. Bill knew that technician work wasn’t his calling, so he brain stormed what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

He always loved opportunity heavy equipment and was so excited every time a construction crew starts digging up the road in front of my parents’ house. He used to go out, sit on the curb and just study how the operator would operate the machine. All the skills needed to make the machine do what they wanted it to do. As he grew up he got a chance to go to a heavy equipment school in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. There he learned how to operate a skid loader, excavator, bulldozer, front end loader as well as attaining his CDL license. He had some experience on equipment but not enough, so he went out looking for a job operating heavy equipment.

He got a job where he was in the bobcat first and then he was moved up to the excavator. He shifted my thinking and thought, “I have the license to operate heavy trucks so that must be the next thing.”

In April of 2016 he gave his 2-week notice and was a full-time business owner. He hasn’t looked back since, and has continued to grow his business. 

“It is an amazing feeling as you accomplish all the hard work needed to start and run a successful small business, but I love every minute of it. The company has grown in 2017 and I feel very proud of myself for making the company a success in my first year. 2018 is going to be a huge year for the company and we will keep growing bigger each and every year as we continue to help our clients with their earth moving projects.”

– Bill

Bill Atkinson